Wines of Ventoux

Ventoux is well known as a winery region. As such, it produces one of the most sophisticated and exceptional wines in the world. Other facts about Ventoux might blow your mind but to feature only its winery production is good enough to admire the place. By the way, the place is located in Rhone Valley, France.

The region of Ventoux proudly presents its good conditioned soil. It is rich in limestone, and alluvial. This is one reason why Ventoux is one of the top productions of wines. The size of the planted vineyards is almost 6000 hectares, having a massive 137 wineries. Usually, the place produces red, white, rose and primeur wines.

Some things to remember when buying wine – Wine is actually oxidized. So when filtering, you can minimize the oxidization by gassing through vessels and hoses. Additionally, bottled wine is oxidized. So when opening the bottled wine, tap off a barrel after opening it.

Wines taste good when they are actually served at a specified temperature. Temperature may vary the taste of a wine. Red wines, for an instance produces the best taste when served at a temperature of 65 degrees. White wines, on the other hand, will reach its maximum yet best taste at a temperature of 47 degrees.

It is said that wines are good for the heart as well as for the skin. A glass of wine a day will boost your immune system too so why not enjoy drinking wine. But please observe moderation.