Production of Wines

Wines are good. Sometimes, people mistakenly think to equate the cost with the taste. Somehow, this is partly true with good old fashion quality wine products. Thus quality costs money. However, you cannot expect a very good quality product if you are only willing to spend a penny or a few pounds. But as always valued due to personal experience, keep market mechanics in mind. Wish you a wonderful luck to taste all kinds of wines.

Speaking of Ventoux…Ventoux wines are produced by a total of 1,339 concerns which include 1,315 growers, 113 private wineries, 16 cooperative wineries, and around 8 producers or merchants. Surprisingly enough the Ventoux wines are made by a total of almost 1400 concerns, including around 1300 growers and more than hundred of wineries, and more or less 15 cooperative wineries and around 8 producers and merchants  (that is yet to include the small companies).

The vineyards of these communes are taken from many parts of Ventoux. Typical examples are Bedoin, Crillon-le-Brave, Caromb, Modene and Momoiron, etc…

If you want to know how to make a wine, here are some steps that will guide you to make a good wine:

Firstly, you have to eliminate all those tablets and yeast nutrients. Leave the stem of the grapes to have a good wine. Having the fruit, extract its juice and leave it for a minimum of three days for fermentation. After that, sieve it from a strainer and press the skin and the stems to take all the juice. By the way, this contains tannin that actually make the wine tasty and giving its color. Have a wonderful moment with Ventoux wine.