Wine Rivalry : Italian vs French

Here we go again. France vs Italy, two major countries having long rivalry. Whether food, war, people, currency or even wine, these two countries will always be link together maybe even forever.
By the way which is better? In wine category?

Actually, Italian wine is one of the biggest wine producer in the whole world and has one of the largest variety of different grape farms and wines while the French wines are generally much more expensive than the wines of the Italianos, but that doesn’t simply imply that it is better in quality.
Thing is French Wine is ¬†already a big name in the market that’s why it is much expensive in the wine category. Furthermore, France prefers to produce less wine so that it will be sold in a much higher price tag.

You know people who doesn’t know how to get in the taste of wines simply think that pricier is actually much better, but that argument is a big falsity.
Nowadays, Italian brands are already getting in the conversation of the best wines not only in Europe but of the whole world. Some statistician have rank them at top 5 but till then since French wines are much more expensive and is still the bet of some of the wine enthusiast even if it is costier they will remain a runner up to French wine.

This time, the round 1 of French vs Italy duel ends,  and in wine category the French wins it.